Why Do You Need To Test Time Based Programs

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Why Do You Need To Test Time Based Programs

A time simulation software is an essential tool if you need to test time based programs. It assists testers in manipulating, controlling, simulating, and automating time whenever needed. This process is extremely crucial for businesses that have incorporated technology various aspects of their business operations. It also takes on a crucial role in ensuring that when the users test time based programs, it is done in a real and flexible testing conditions.

The use of this tool provides many advantages to companies that are looking to improve their IT environment. It also aids in the efficient use of their hardware resources and in the improvement of their testing team’s productivity. Imagine the amount of cash that you need to pay just to reset the testing environment each time you make changes to your system clock. Apart from the expenses, you also need to consider the effort and the time wasted to do this cumbersome and lengthy procedure. But all these will no longer be a problem if you use virtual clocks to test time based programs. You no longer need to reset the system clock and go through the time intensive processes associated with this particular action. Indeed the advent of the virtual clock means you can now test time based programs a lot easier and less costly compared to the traditional option.

At this point, you might be wondering about how you can secure important files in your system while you test time based programs. In most cases, a time virtualization tool features an exclusion file that allows backups to use real time instead of a virtual time, which in return allows a continuous testing condition. When required, the backups may also be given timestamps of fake time. However, this option could be difficult and dangerous too because the logic unfolding either backwards or forwards would be unnatural. Some testers faced this kind of problem before they decided to use a time simulation tool. To avoid complications, many companies these days have made having this software a prerequisite for any project that needs to test time based programs.

Having the ability to travel through time, may it be in the past or future, eliminates the problem of files being restricted to the system clock. It also allows users to test time based programs in Active Directory and Kerberos. This is not possible in these secured environments if you only reset the system clock because it doesn’t allow it to be even just 5 minutes late with the domain’s time. During a migration, upgrade, or consolidation, you need to test time based programs if you wish to detect errors in their logic. Just imagine the costly consequences that you have to face after making a wrong calculation, using wrong parameters on a financial application, or any incorrect manipulation of information that could lead to unintended, costly, and damaging consequences. All these could be avoided if you let your testers use virtual clocks to test time based programs.

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